Shay Law, Ltd. has a thriving energy and utilities law practice, lead by William M. Shay and John D. Albers.

Areas of Focus

Illinois Commerce Commsission

Each of the lawyers in the Firm has significant experience in regulatory proceedings and matters before the Illinois Commerce Commission, in most instances involving the Public Utilities Act. From advising clients about compliance with applicable statutory requirements and regulations, assistance in obtaining regulatory approvals, to representing clients in contested cases before the Commission, we have broad experience in matters involving regulation of retail electricity, electric transmission, renewable energy, natural gas, water, waste water, telecommunications, and oil and gas pipelines.


Utilities and other developers of electric transmission lines, oil, natural gas and other pipelines normally can obtain eminent domain authority from the Illinois Commerce Commission for easements across private land for their projects. Developers of wind and solar power projects do not ordinarily have and cannot obtain such authority, so must instead rely on negotiating easements and leases on a voluntary basis with landowners. The lawyers at Shay Law regularly represent parties in connection with negotiating utility and developer easements as well as in contested proceedings for regulatory approval of such projects.

Eminent Domain

A utility or other non-utility developer with potential or actual element domain authority is sometimes unable successfully to negotiate a landowner easement voluntarily. We have experience in representing parties before the Illinois Commerce Commission in proceedings in which the utility or other developer seeks eminent domain authority to condemn an easement across private land for its project, whether an electric transmission line, natural gas or oil pipeline, or other similar project.

Renewable Energy Development

Renewable energy development – mainly wind and large solar farms – present many new and challenging legal issues. Shay Law provides legal representation for renewable energy developers, from navigating the many state and local legal, regulatory and permitting requirements, to assisting with utility electric system interconnections, qualification for government benefits, renewable energy credits, electricity off-take agreements, and other matters. We also have experience with long term leases and easements, both for developers and on behalf of landowners, involving issues relating to many aspects of farmland, including treatment of soil and field tile, deconstruction, and property tax treatment.

Utility Bill Disputes

The Illinois Commerce Commission has jurisdiction over billing disputes between public utilities and their customers. We have experience in helping resolve billing disputes, either through negotiation, informal proceedings before the Commission, or formal adversarial proceedings.

Other Energy Matters

The energy world is changing.  The proliferation of rooftop solar, electric energy storage, and distributed generation is changing the utility and energy landscape.  Community solar, municipal owned utility renewable projects, and large scale solar are all becoming more common.  Biomass gas generation and biofuels continue to grow.  Shay Law, Ltd. is experienced and positioned to assist clients to navigate through this constantly altering landscape.  Our attorneys include former Administrative Law Judges, former utility general counsel, and experienced corporate attorneys

We are members of the Illinois Solar Energy Association and the Underground Contractors Association.

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